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Разработка урока "«How are you healthy?» для 5 класса

02 Июня 2011, 11:00

УРОК ДЛЯ :5-ГО КЛАССА: «How are you healthy?»
1. Цель и тема урока:
- повторить и закрепить лексику по теме;
- тренировать навыки аудирования;
- тренировать навыки говорения (монологической и диалогической речи);
Проектор, картинки, конверт с письмом от врача, схематичное изображение человека и карточки с частями тела.

2. Стих по теме:
I want to live,
But not to die,
I want to laugh,
But not to cry…
3. Цель и тема урока исходя из содержания стих-я:
-What will we discuss today?
-What is the theme of our lesson?
4. Речевая зарядка. Беседа.
What to do to be healthy?

What not to do to be healthy?

5. Тренировочное упражнение (проецируется на доске).
Fill in:
• Один король….
• Был коротышкой толстым,
• Любил с грибами он омлет
• И с тертым сыром тосты.

• ……………………………
• Не мог он прыгать, бегать
• И после завтрака лежал
• До самого обеда.

• Ему сказал однажды кот:
• -взгляните, сэр, на свой живот.
• …………………………-
• Худеть необходимо!
(you cannot catch your dinner, was low and fat, he couldn’t run, he couldn’t jump)
2 группа
Или вырастет живот!
И тогда ты станешь…... !
Будешь …..…и тогда
 ………….. навсегда,
И поймешь, …………
И увидишь - ………..
(slim, life is fun, healthy, my dear son, no problem, climb the stairs, walk, a lot, visit nature, run, skate, swim,)
6. Поход к врачу.
- What is she?
- Who is she?
- Do you often go here?
- Why do you go here?
- What does she say to you?
- What does she take you?
- What people do when they have headache?
- What people do when they have stomachache?
- What people do when they have toothache?
- What people do when they have a cold?
7. Рекомендации нашего врача.
Dear Children, follow these rules:
Remember to get up early and go to bed early to keep fit.
Take regular exercises
Take a cool shower
Ignore the lift
Walk a lot
Eat healthy food
Never smoke
Clean your teeth
Wash your hands

What people can do when they are healthy?
8. Собери части тела человека.
9. Загадки.
- They stand next to each other
And yet they can’t see each other. (eyes)
- It hears everything and says nothing. (ear)
- A thick forest which grows as fast as it is cut down. (hair)
- 32 white horses upon a red hill,
Now they tramp,
Now they champ,
Now they stand still. (teeth)
- What is the best thing to put into pies. (teeth)
- Without it you couldn’t say a word. (tongue)
- It lives alone between 2 bright stars.(nose)
- 2 mothers have 5 sons each, and all have the same name. (fingers and hands)
- There are 8 on a spider,
And 6 on a bee,
4 on an elephant,
But 2 on me.(legs)
- It always beats and hops,
It never sleeps or stops,
Life-long we don’t part
With our little…(heart).

10. Тест.
 yes no
1. do you have more than 2 pieces of toast for breakfast? 0 1
1. do you have sugar in your tea or coffee? 0 1
1. do you drink half a litre of milk? 1 0
1. do you eat any fruit? 1 0
1. do you eat any sweets or chocolate? 0 1
1. do you eat any biscuits or cake? 0 1
1. do you drink any alcohol? 0 1
1. do you go for a run? 1 0
1. do you do any exercises? 1 0
1. do you walk or cycle to school? 1 0
1. do you smoke? 0 1
1. do you get up before 8 o’clock? 1 0
1. do you go to bed before 11 o’clock? 1 0
1. do you watch TV for more than 2 hours? 0 1
1. do you sleep with your window open? 1 0
15-12 – congratulations!
12-8 – not too bad
8-0 – oh, dear…
11. Выводы-рекомендации в форме стихотворений (рассказывают сами дети).
Alcohol is forbidden!
Be calm!
Can you balance your emotions?
Do morning exercises!
Eat right food!
Follow adult’s advice!
Give up smoking!
Hold forth a hope!
Idleness is not for you!
Join sportive clubs!
Keep fit!
Laugh extends life!
Make the best of life!
No drugs!
Open windows to air your lodging!
Put right clothes on!
Quality of products is important!
Relax in tense situation!
Sleep not less than eight hours a day!
Take vitamins!
Use any opportunity and resources to be healthy!
Vanquish feel of inferiority and fear to something!
Why not follow a diet!
Yield to no diseases!
Zealousness is important for health!

13. Домашнее задание.
Напишите правила, что нужно делать, чтобы быть здоровым.
14. Итог.
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